Design Notes

The ecstatic natural striations found in the striped jasper stones are believed to bring gentleness and relaxation.

Grade A natural jasper stones offering rich colour accents and flawless curves giving a flamboyant look on the wearer’s wrist.

100% handmade – Superior craftsmanship employed in making the beaded stone bracelet ensuring that every element is made to perfection for greater durability and exclusivity.


Eco-friendly – All stainless steel wire, sterling silver & gemstones used for Azari products are eco-friendly. It is reclaimed silver & steel, refined and re-milled. Great for the environment. Look great and feel great.

Nickel and lead free

Occassion & Details

This Azari Jasper Stone & Howlite unisex bracelet is so versatile that it brings out any outfit you can throw on it. It is an absolute essential for your wardrobe as you can switch it from formal to casual outfits.

You simple can match it with anything. It can be transformed from day to night with a simple change of your outfit.

Occasion: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding, Celebration.

Gemstone Benefits/Meaning

Jasper Stone

It is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It enhances one’s ability to relax and brings tranquillity, comforting, wholeness, healing, and gentleness. It is sometimes called the “supreme nurturer” for its nurturing and protective energy.

The Jasper gemstone reminds people to help each other. It can also help in developing creativity and finding adequate outlets for the expression of this creativity.

Howlite Gemstone

Howlite helps facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage. Howlite gemstone is believed to calm and soothe the emotions, slow the overactive mind and help to achieve rest.

A semi-precious stone that can help develop patience, tolerance, and a positive outlook on life. It can bring calm, reason, and clarity to your mind. Howlite strengthens positive character traits, removing selfishness, rude behaviour, and greed