Azari Bracelet Size Guide


Design Notes

The 18kt. gold finish elements and the multifaceted pavé zircon(cz) disco ball charm complements the warm accents of the natural labradorite gemstone, making this Azari mens wristband the ideal choice to complete minimal styles.

100% handmade – Superior craftsmanship employed in making the stone bracelet ensuring that every element is made to perfection for greater durability and exclusivity.


Eco-friendly – All stainless steel wire, sterling silver & gemstones used for Azari products are eco-friendly. It is reclaimed silver & steel, refined and re-milled. Great for the environment. Look great and feel great.

Occassion & Details

This mens beaded wristband charm bracelet with translucent labradorite gemstone beads a is so versatile that it brings out any outfit you can throw on it. It is an absolute essential for your wardrobe as you can switch it from formal to casual outfits.

You simple can match it with anything. It can be transformed from day to night with a simple change of your outfit.

Occasion: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding, Celebration.

Gemstone Benefits/Meaning

Labradorite Gemstone

The labradorite gemstone is a stone of transformation. The gemstone is believed to sharpen your intuition making you more confident about taking action, expressing what you feel and following your inspiration.

The labradorite gemstone energies can give you a sense of purposefulness, and it will help you develop new ideas or find joy and enthusiasm in what you are doing. The stone is highly tantamount with its ability to encourage self-awareness and intuition. It is believed to stimulate imagination and calm an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and novel ideas.


The gold metal is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It believed to inspire knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

It represents perfection and purity. Gold gemstones are believed to increase personal wisdom and power, aid in health and wellness, create success and prosperity, and illuminate the path toward your goal.